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{m} Lavendar Gardenia - Garrison Flint  (a short novel)
When a former policeman, currently a college professor, is accussed of murder, and all the very convincing evidence points to him, he hides out in a seedy section of the city.  Two of his students  and a street kid become his assistants - the first to help him prove his innocense and the latter to help him learn how to survive in his new environment.  Excitement and twists abound.  DOWN LOAD FREE HERE.   

{m} The Murder No One Committed: A Raymond Masters Mystery - Garrison Flint
  While consulting with a noted writer as she prepares her newest book, Raymond Masters, a retired criminal investigator is confronted with her murder. The writer had been openly hated by those who worked for her and each suspect harbors more than enough motive to want her dead. The more clues he uncovers, the more obvious his conclusion: "This is a murder no one committed." (He solves it, of course! Can you beat him to uncovering the unusual twist?)   (This is the first in the Raymond Masters Mystery series. A dozen others follow here.

{m}  The Case of the Smiling Corpse: A Raymond Masters Mystery -  Garrison Flint  
 Masters is asked to assist the home town police solve the murder of a retired banker. Was it the teen age boy whose car had killed the banker's wife; the waitress at the local café with a special interest in the handyman who, it turns out, is handy with things others than tools; the sister-in-law who may inherit the victim's estate; or a hit man hired by his wife before she was killed? Initially, it looks like suicide as the body is found in a room locked from the inside with a pistol beside the body. Perhaps it was the perfect (almost) frame. The reader will have to wait until the final paragraph to hear the old inspector's solution.

{m}  A Gathering of Killers: A Raymond Masters Mystery -  Garrison Flint 
Detective Masters is at it again - this time untangling the mystery of a murder in which the body was stabbed, shot, strangled, drowned, poisoned and bludgeoned. A dozen suspects at the beautiful Whispering Pines Lodge lead him on a merry chase as he systematically sorts away the innocent and hones in on the culprit (or is it culprits?). Again, it remains until the final page to hear the old inspector's solution. 

{m}  The Man Who Refused to Die: A Raymond Masters Mystery - Garrison Flint
Not even the third time was to be the charm for this murderer. A beloved, retired, dying, classical guitarist is the eventual victim. In his mansion - curiously - live his three former wives, his long time back-up guitarist with his despicable son, his distant personal assistant, the charming young chauffeur with a shady past, the cook and the mysterious stranger. There is a twist at the end unlike the readers of Raymond Masters mysteries have ever before witnessed.

{m}  Revenge of the Restless Crossbow: A Raymond Masters Mystery - Garrison Flint
Apparently of its own volition, an antique crossbow, long perched high up on the wall of the Rafferty Mansion, fires and kills one of the guests at a publisher's book launching party. The following day another member of the group is found murdered. There are a variety of suspects: three mystery writers, a universally disliked book critic, the cantankerous neighbor and his son, the wily old grounds keeper, the maid, the new assistant to Winston Rafferty (one of the writers), and a flock of pigeons. Nothing is simple this time out. The twists and turns tangle among themselves. Masters identifies the perpetrator, of course, but the reader will have to wait until the final word of the final paragraph to hear his/her name.

{m}  ​The Case of the Gypsy Curse: A Raymond Masters Mystery - Garrison Flint
Seven of the past nine leaders of an off-beat fraternal order in a small Wyoming town died mysterious deaths. There have been no wounds and no traces of poison. There has, however, been a long-standing Gypsy curse against the group. Natural causes? Coincidence? Curse? Masters doesn’t think so. Not only, does he nail the perpetrator(s?) of these seven crimes, but he puts the screws to four more along the way.

{m}  The Case of the Clairvoyant Kid: A Raymond Masters Mystery - Garrison Flint

At age 15 handsome, Hans Hanzik – a Bosnian orphan – is the most successful touring psychic in the U.S. A series of threats against his life brings Detective Masters into the case. Masters immediately senses trouble (the boy’s guardian) and conj ours up a spell or two of his own. Though set in the Ozark Mountains, Masters manages to solve 3 outstanding homicides form NYC and Key West, while tutoring the shy, sheltered young clairvoyant in the gentle art of romance. In a spine tingling finish, Masters saves the boy and zaps the bad guys.

{m}  The Case of the Cryptogram Murders: A Raymond Masters Mystery – Garrison Flint
Adam Williams, wealthy furrier and despicable human being, is killed while Detective Masters and the half dozen possible suspects from family and staff are with him in his study - each the perfect alibi for the others. Motives and gadgetry abound. Along the way four other murders are solved as Masters enlists the help of a fascinating group of characters - all of them suspects.

{m}  The Murders at Terrapin Island: A Raymond Masters Mystery - Garrison Flint
The late July vacation, which Raymond Masters had been looking forward to at the Terrapin Island resort in Lake Huron, immediately turns to work as staff members, one after another, are murdered. Could it be the troubled teenage boy, the greedy millionaire or his pants chasing wife, the impatient artist, or the beautiful young writer who claims she is searching for her birth mother? Other suspects abound as Masters sorts through the clues with the reader.

{m}  The Butler Did It! A Raymond Masters Mystery - Garrison Flint
Detective Raymond Masters arrives at Windstone Manor - high atop a tiny, remote, snow blown, island off the Maine Coast - to supervise a Scavenger Hunt designed by Elliott Stone, the aging, despicable, Lord of the Manor, to allow one of his heirs to enhance his or her position in his will. The participants include the five butlers who formerly worked for him (most of whom hate each other and Elliott), his brother and sister (who harbor long standing grudges against him), and his nephew (a self-centered, amoral, 30 year old who has lived most of his life at Windstone). Then there is Carl, his lawyer; Bea, his nurse and secretary; Angie, the cook and maid; and Hyde, the current young butler. Five bodies later, Masters (once again surviving a strange little policeman sidekick) solves the cases amid the unrelenting, freezing storm that holds the group captive on the island. 

{m}  The Case of the Twisted Twins Murder: A Raymond Masters Mystery - Garrison Flint
​Number eleven in the series: Twenty-nine3 year old identical twins set out to take revenge on Raymond Masters who sent their father to prison for murderer 24 years before. They indicate they will kill someone at a twin convention and promise that he won't b e able to solve it, this ending his 50 year long prefect crime fighting record.  Identical DNA, prints and appearance should make it impossible to prove which twin was where doing what.  A handsome young bellboy is (apparently) framed.  Together he and Masters work to solve three homicides and two attempted murders.

​{m}  The Case of the Despicable Duo Murders: A Raymond Masters Mystery - Garrison Flint
No one shed a tear when either of the (a wealthy father and his adult son) were murdered but when on of Raymond Masters' friends is accused of doing hem in, the detective packs his bags and arrives to direct the investigation. Legitimately motivated suspects abound.  The fatal shot  had clearly come from his friend's bedroom window yet Masters hopes to prove otherwise.  The twelfth book in the series.

{m} The Case of the Murders at Fairfield Heights - A Raymond Masters Mystery - Garrison Flint
Fairfield Heights, a century old mansion, offers a haunting presence as it sits high atop a dreary, rock strewn, hill.  The ailing, 92 year old billionaire, gathers his heirs for the disbursement of his fortune.  One by one they are murdered.  Is it the help hoping to maintain their hold on the property?  Is it one of the sons: Farley, certifiably deranged, or Chester, the seldom serious laugh machine?  Or how about the two adult grandchildren:Bernice, singe, educated, selfish, and Cliff, the one truly sane appearing individual in the lot.  Maybe it is Cliff's fifteen year old son who quietly seethes underneath his affable demeanor.  The case presents one unusual twist for the old detective: He sees the victims alive and well after the time of death certifed by the coroner!

​{m}  The Case of Too Many Suspects: A Raymond Masters Mystery - Garrison Flint
The old detective arrives at a lavish, isolated, villa in the desert north of Los Vegas to protect an ailing, old, millionaire, his staff, and family from a recent threat against the household.  When the old man is murdered, five relatives come forward, each claiming to have acted alone in his murder.  Each is the perfect suspect with motive, opportunity, prints on the weapon, and unique knowledge of the crime scene.  With the assistance of two teenage lads, Masters unravels the twists and turns and in the end not only solves the murder at hand but several others that occurred years before.

{m} The Ghosts of Rutherford Mansion - Marc Miller, ghost writer
A hundred year before, a teen age couple was drowned crossing a river during a storm as they eloped.  He wasn't good enough for her parents and they forbade the relationship.  Recently, her ghost has begun appearing in a window on the second floor of the long closed mansion where she and her family lived.  Her father owned the mines that were the sole employer in the tiny, isolated, Ozark, town.  Marc Miller arrives to investigate the sightings and is helped by an insistent young assistant.  (Though only 150 pages this is the author's favorite of his ghost stories.  It was written after those that follow here.)  

{m} The Specters of Carlton County - Marc Miller, ghost writer
To this day the ghosts of six, teenage, confederate soldiers - The Cowsards' Patrol - roam the Ozark backwoods, forced by an evil cleric to continue taking the war to blue clad Yankees who dare trespass into the dark summer nights of isolated, Carlton County.  When a young writer, Marc Miller, travels to the area to write their story, he finds he is unwelcome both as a writer and an outsider.  He hears their mournfujl cries at nght and sees their ghostly images in the windows and mirrors of the old Inn. He encounters them on hourseback, swords at the ready, gallopoing together across a foggy, moonlit, Civil War graveyard.  Are they apparitions seareching for their final peace, or are they something more sinister?  Miller is a skeptic but will that continue once he meets The Specters oif Carlton County?

{m} The Kettles and the Keeps: Ghosts at War!  Marc Miller, ghost writer
Miller arrives in Sandy Valley, an isolated are of northwest Arkansas, to mediate a dispute between warring clans of ghosts - the Kettles and Keeps who, in their mortal forms, have been feuding for more than a century.  A pair of pre Civil War Apparitions appears - one Kettle and none Keep - and unexplainably begins inflicting serious physical maladies on a dozen teenagers. The dispute escalated, once again turning the families against each other.  Miller enlists the help of Willy, a teenager suddenly confined to a wheelchair and Jake, a ten yer old who is curiously wise beyond his years. 

{m} The Malevolent Ghost of Charlie Chance - Marc Miller, ghost writer
The  Ozark Hills Academy, a rustic boarding school, sits atop a beautiful hill in the back country of Northwest Arkansas and serves the region's disadvantaged 13 to 19 year old boys.  The area had once been owned by the long dead Charlie Chance, a known hater of children and progress.   During each Devil's Darkness (the convergence of the dark of the moon and a strong, warm, southerly breeze) the Ghost of old Charlie selects a student and then sucks the soul from his being, leaving him dead and bereft of an afterlife.  Marc Miller, hoping to write Charlie's story, arrives to investigate.  The Ghost appears and raises havoc in an apparent attempt to get the writer to leave.  It becomes a good ghost/bad ghost quandary for Marc and the young people who offer help.

{m} The Haunting of Hickory Hollow - Mark Miller, ghost writer
The tiny, backwoods, town of Hickory Hollow is haunted.  It has been since before the Civil War.  That is just the way its residents want it.  They have configured a mini-theme park around the ghostly goings on and seem to have established an amicable relationship with them.  Marc Miller is brought to town when mysterious accidents - some resulting in the death of local residents - begin taking place.  Is it the ghostly revenge predicted by the local lore?  Is it a more worldly activity related to a business takeover?  There are teenage ghosts swinging from ropes, bands of galloping ghostly desperadoes, and suspicious strangers.  And then there is the secret Covenant sworn to by the local residents.  Hmmm!

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Sanity in Search of Peter Alexander
(pen name: Garrison Flint)
Peter, a book store manager, awakens with the just past vacation week washed from his memory.  Worse still, he is being blackmailed by an anonymous villain who also seems bent on killing him for having reportedly killed someone else during that week. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues as Peter works to maintain his sanity, figure things out and exonerate himself.
Available on Nook, Kobo and Kindle