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{o}  ​How To Be Deep Down Forever Happy - Gary Hutchison (Tom Gnagey) 130 pages
The author presents a tried and true formula for what he describes as Deep Down Forever Happiness.  He suggests that one, basic, change in a person's approach to living is all it takes to make the difference - forever.  He goes on to provide and demonstrate seven corollary secrets that help define and implement the main fourmula.  Fun, entertainment, pleasure, and the like, although held as imortant parts of life, are shown to never be the sources of true, Deep Down Forever Happiness.  He demonstrates quite convincingly that the acquisition of stuff, money, power, prestige, and fame can never be a source of thoroughgoing, permanent, happiness. The author's suggestion: First create happiness within yourself and then decide what 'extra' trappings you may want in your life. Some rich folks are truly happy, but NOT because they are rich. 

{o}  Milieu: a writing tutorial  - Gary Hutchison (Tom Gnagey)
The author has published over one hundred novels (and written dozens more just because he gets such a hoot out of writing).  He wrote this, in part, to help answer the question he so often hears when speaking, "How do you go about the process of writing?"  Sifting away the details, his plan is simple.  Define one character, place him  in a milieu (setting) and let the story develop on its own.  Add characters as they are required. Expand or contract the milieu as required by the unfolding story.  The author usually knows the main character's back-story (what has happened up to where the story begins), he has some idea as to the conflicts that will be acted out, and typically knows how the story will end (in fact, that's often all he knows!).  MILIEU is a step by step tutorial.  The reader rides inside the author's mind as he creates a short novel (The Mystery of the Barina Ruby), pointing out alternatives, necessary decisions, and dozens of ways to ease the task of reading.

{o}  Everything I Needed to Know About Saving The World I Learned Before I Was Ten:
a manual for human survival.   by Craigy Franklin
Drawing on the diaries he kept between ages six and ten, the author presents his early observation (consistently entertaining!)  that supported his contention, at ten, that saving mankind and building an "Eden" on Earth was really a rather simple, straight forward, and logical undertaking, which should - he believed - take him only a matter of weeks to achieve.  This little book approaches, with humor, the very serious topic of building a world-wide, humanity-friendly society, and describes the obstacles the author ran into during his sixty-plus year 'mission' to implement his early findings.  Although he contends it all boils down to following one simple guideline, he provedes two-dozen 'Agreements' ("for those who feel the need for more"), which if followed, he believes can provide a safe, happy, productive, human race, overflowing wtith love, compassion, helpfulness, and indomitable self-esteem.

{o}  A Crisis of Myths:living five years poor among the 'common man' - G. F. Hutchison
A presentation and discussion of the beliefs and misbeliefs held by the common man (a terms of respect) as discovered and studied by the author while living with them and working beside them at minimal pay jobs.  They demonstrate a frightening lack of accurate practical information about science and eh social/psychological processes. Instead, their day to day existence is guided by a dangerous body of myths, which direct their lives and ways of thinking. A series of realistic suggestions is offered to assist them to help themselves out of his stifling quagmire. 

{o}  Life as a Precious Gift (2nd Ed.)  G. F. Hutchison
Only human beings, among all species in the known universe, possess a nateural potential for love, compassion, logic, and integrity, which allows us to plan ahead for the peaceful survival, comfort, and positive development of our future generations.  So, why don't we?  This little book is a collection of four short pieces: Loves' Several Face, Getting One's Priorities in Order, A sense of Precious, and Building a User-Friendly Society. Let's see, what do we call a person who refuses to live up to his potential - lazy, uncaring, greedy . . .

{o} Trouble-Proofing Kids: a manual for caring parents  G. F. Hutchison & Tom Gnagey
As step by step, value based training program for parents, showing how to raise or retrain children to stay out of trouble forever. In simple terms and with abundant real-life illustrations, the book presents both the necessary philosophy and developmental psychology needed to lead youngsters toward a trouble free life.  The author lists those values that seem to typically produce trouble-prone youngsters and contrasts them with those, which almost universally produce trouble-proofed youngsters. The negative influences of peer pressure virtually evaporates. A special section is included to assist adolescents wanting to trouble proof themselves.

{o}  The One Rule Plan for Family Happiness - G. G. Hutchison / Tom Gnagey
ONE RULE!  Sound too good to be true?  Not at all.  A practical, easy to read and follow training manual for parents, stressing values and rule reduction.  Parents are taught how to build a family live plan based on their own personal values - not those of the author.  It all boils down to one simple rule that spreads the responsibility for appropriate development among all the family members.  A very simple, tried and proven, everyone wins, approach to improving family life.

{o} Growing Up Different
The side-by-side diaries of fraternal twin boys - one of whom grows up straight and one gay.  The pages relate their never wavering love and devotion for one another as well as the struggles their unique situation produces once they reach puberty.  A sensitive presentation that demonstrates how the innate orientations surface and express themselves and the injustices the boys endure at the hands of the bigots of the world.  In general, an uplifting piece that presents positive options.  Some conservative homes may consider the contents unsuitable for their adolescents, thus its placement here within the pages of reading material for adults. 

{o} Deep Mind Mastery: concise edition - Tom Gnagey (Educator and Clinical Psychologist)
Deep Mind Mastery is a time-tested, common sense approach to life-long personal happiness, well-being, and the development of extraordinary mental capacities.  Thousands have learned and mastered these specific, practical, life enhancing techniques in seminars.  This volume presents and discusses the basic concepts and techniques that are taught in the DMM Home Study Program presented just below.  (It is the 6th edition of the book.)  A more complete idea of the range of topics may be found in the program description here.

{o}  The Deep Mind Mastery Home Study Program
 All the remarkable, life changing secrets and methods of Deep Mind Mastery are now available in this personal study program, which you complete in the privacy of your own home.  It is a step by step guide for you to follow at your own preferred pace.  Follow the link here for full information, price, and ordering information.

{o}   Building a Positive Philosophy -  Tom Gnagey (Educator, Social Philosopher, and Clinical Psychologist)
This book presents Tom Gnagey's dual pronged personal and social philosophy.  Reciprocal Esteem is his approach  to looking at and valuing each other.  Mutual Facilitation is his plan whereby all people of the Earth work together to build a peaceful, accepting, productive, safe, and happy environment for today and for the coming generations.  This is a companion volume to the book, Deep Mind Mastery: concise edition, described above.

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