(Including stories with a twist)

A Convoluted Tale of Curious Comeuppance     GO TO STORY
You'll need a score card to keep track of all the twists in this one.

A Tale of Two Brothers      GO TO STORY
Together they defined evil.  Would it somehow overtake them?

Chip off the Old Block     GO TO STORY  
Alfred Hitchcock would have welcomed this old, unhappily married gal onto his TV program.
Dear, Sweet, Annabelle     GO TO STORY
Everybody had to admit she was a saint - quite the opposite from Lamar Latham.

The Emancipation of Henry Redding     GO TO STORY
A short, short, ethereal, Hitchcockian snippet.  Not for the squeamish.

Hilda     GO TO STORY
She had her final preparations made.  The doorbell rang . . .

Maggie Brown's Dubious Arrangement     GO TO STORY
Maggie was gullible.  Was her new suitor on the up and up?

Nuggets     GO TO STORY
A man returns to the range to relive a boyhood vacation he had with his grandfather.

The Secret     GO TO STORY
A boy captured into virtual slavery by a sick old man.  Could that ever be a good thing? 

Imaginary Security?   GO TO STORY
Family. There's nothing like it - well . . . 

Lucy's New Hobby     GO TO STORY
Lucy, a CSI agent, has a new hobby.  It is painting or something else?

The Johnny Appleseed of Smiles   GO TO STORY
Well, it's sort of story, I guess, maybe, perhaps.

Upon My Passing     GO TO STORY
It is guaranteed that you never envisioned your passing s it is described in this short, short, zinger.

Who's On First (so to speak)?     GO TO STORY
Psychotherapy may be a two way street.

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