advertising program
Agent Guidelines / Contract
(As of November, 2011)

Contact potential advertisers (retail stores, medical practitioners, attorneys and other professionals), for the purpose of obtaining their commitment to participate in this advertising program. Sign and receive the Application/Agreement form and submit it to the Happy Times (HT) office. (Add Agent name and number in the Agent space on the agreement sheet.) Answer any questions your contacts and clients              may have. Relay reactions and suggestions from clients and potential advertisers to HT. Consult with             the HT office on matters for which you need additional information or guidance.

The Agent will not be responsible for collecting or holding payments or fees of any kind. Those are to all be mailed directly (as checks or money orders) from the clients to HT. Agent may supply addressed envelope when appropriate. The Agent has no authority to modify the fees charged advertisers from the fee structure in use at the time the agreement is signed.

The agent is to conduct him/herself in an ethical manner, never misrepresenting claims, information, or other associated aspects of the Happy Times Advertising Program. Behavior considered by the owner to be unethical or inappropriate will be sufficient reason for immediate termination.

COMPENSATION, Taxes, Information, etc.
The agent will be paid, monthly, as follows:
    $70 for each Month by Month agreement completed
    $30 for each upgrade from the Month by Month to the Six Month plan initiated by the Agent.
    $100 for each Six Month plan obtained (not as an upgrade or an extension)
The Agent is an independent contractor and as such is responsible for his/her own taxes and other fees and costs associated with doing business in his/her state(s). A 1099 IRS form will be delivered at the end of the year as per IRS regulations. The Agent is required to file with HT the appropriate W-2 IRS form including, but not limited to, his/her social security number, current address, phone number and active email address.

From time to time there may be modifications to parts of these guidelines. HT will notify the Agent before such changes are implemented. The Agent is expected to accept and act according to such changes. All memos and information sheets related to this program, which are directed to the Agents, are considered a valid extension of this contract.

If the HT advertising program closes, Agents can be terminated. If the number of new clients temporarily overwhelms the capabilities of the HT program system, the obtaining of new client agreements may be put on hold. An ethics violation (in Ethics, above) will be reason for termination. So long as an Agent in good standing continues to regularly bring in new advertisers he/she may continue as an independent 'sales rep' for this program. Agents are given wide latitude as to establishing and maintaining their home base, approach, hours, and activities related to obtaining new clients as is the legal requirement to act as an independent contractor. As in any such business relationship, it is understood The Happy Times will be represented positively and in good faith. HT sets no stipulations about other, simultaneous, employment Agents may have except that an Agent is not to represent an advertising program that is in direct competition with this one (ie. aimed at maintaining or restoring sales or participation from current or former customers/clients).

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Tom Gnagey, owner,  Fayetteville, Arkansas
Below is a copy of the employment contract for Happy Times advertising agents.
Email first if you are interested.  Provide a very brief background along with any basic questions you may have.  We will then talk.  thanks

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