Case of the Convoluted Kidnappings:
A Thomas Cole Whodunit!
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Book Two. Adults and young adults.

In Tommy’s second outing, he happens upon what appears to be the kidnapping of an eight-year-old boy – grandson of a crime family Don who engages him to investigate. The case has him mixed up in a dispute between mobs in his city and leads him on a merry chase that gets him accused of perpetrating the abduction, requires him to move into a safe hide-a-way, trade his Dodge for a Bug, take a shot to his shoulder, get beaten to a pulp (well, not quite a pulp), save the boy’s beautiful mother, and, in the end, wrap it all up in a neat bow. The usual characters support him; Jerry, the boy genius from book one, Jake and Betty from the diner, and Sarge, his former police partner.