The Trial of Malcolm McCabe
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Intended for socially concerned adults and young adults.

During the late 1800s, fourteen-year-old Lucas – very bright and unabashedly forward – and his grandfather, Malcolm McCabe, hiked the United States top to bottom and side to side. During those 6 years, the boy’s education, like his life, was in the capable hands of ‘grampa’. 
During the summer of 1890 they happened upon the town of Cob Corner, Kansas, thriving and safe, though under the autocratic religious and political thumb of one Reverend Quentin Redding. He felt his power fading. He saw the McCabe’s as his opportunity to regain his standing. He had grampa arrested for having prevented his grandson from attending school – the law in Kansas.  
A fascinating trial ensues in which the outspoken young man must defend the old man by demonstrating his education has, in fact, been equal to, or superior to, the local students’. The boy refers to experiences along the trail to illustrate his points. At every turn, the youngster’s wits and cleverness, better and exasperate the panel of five learned men the court puts up against him.  
The novel, sporting an upscale vocabulary, intended for socially concerned adults who really enjoy smiling, presents a brutal examination of wide-ranging, serious and timeless, social topics – education, the legal system, prejudice, human rights, government, greed and related topics – woven together with humor and pointed insights into the human condition. The older gentleman learns that jail stew really isn’t all that bad so long as the salt holds out, and the younger gentleman receives his first kiss. In the end . . . (Just kidding, there!)
A good read for adults who like to smile and are interested in social justice, human rights, social philosophy, tolerance and even old west fiction.