Shadow in the Night:
A Raymond Masters Mystery
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Who will buy the farm next? In the old detective’s 18th outing, Raymond Masters faces a bevy of murders and near murders by an elusive bad guy – the Shadow in the Night. There are the usual suspects there in stately Miller Manor: the Maid - smarter than she lets on; the meek and mild mannered Butler; the wise-cracking Chauffeur; the 15-year-old boy genius confined to his wheelchair; and his Mother, the live-in sister-in-law of Kensington Miller, rich as blazes, best-selling mystery author and college friend, past, of Detective Masters. Venomous snakes, poisonous frogs from a South American rainforest, and a bat-wielding ball player round out the list of fascinating characters. Masters’ legendary sense of humor holds them together, as the characters struggle to make the best of things until he sends the bad guy packing.