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The Case of the Serendipitous Switch:
A Thomas Cole Whodunit
Adults and Young Adults

1950s, big city, private detective, Tommy Cole, age 34 and single, finds himself forced into a case that threatens to put him away for life if he makes a single slip. Somebody has stolen his identity and left him with one belonging to a missing, wealthy man wanted for murder. He must prove the man’s innocence or go down for the murder himself. That’s one way to hire a detective! The story provides a wonderful cast of characters: Marlow the wealthy accused; Jack, the owner of the cafe that Tommy uses as his office; several waitresses that serve as his telephone service; Potter and James, the chauffeur and butler of Tommy’s ‘employer’; Stephen, Marlow’s young, greedy, nephew; Sally the malt shop owner; Sarge, Tommy’s former partner during the 5 years he was on the police force; and Jerry, the eleven year old genius who decides Tommy would make a great father. Tommy sees humor in most aspects of life but becomes quite serious when on a case. The story builds to an exciting climax as Tommy is chased by the villain, through a labyrinth of treacherous caves that Tommy once explored as a scout. Adults and young adults.