Crosses Aflame: 1940
A Jansen Family Mystery
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​Book Two: The Jansen Family Mystery Series

The year remains 1940. Federal Agents call on Oliver, when a situation arises in north central Arkansas that needs local intervention – spying – this time with the Ku Klux Klan. The grandsons were already on the case. There had been a recent increase in Klan activity – burning crosses and burning cabins of the rural, black population. Secret codes abound as the boys face life and death situations at the hands of the KKK. They learn things about the origins of hate and fear and greed. Sammy becomes something of a local celebrity with his outstanding essay regarding those topics. In the end the question becomes, will they find a way to save their grampa before time runs out? [Should be read after the first book – Deep Cover: 1940 since aspects of the story continue.]